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Yoooooooo. I’m Damien. I love to build and solve things. Get in touch! dameyawn at gmail.

I like


I like to listen to books a lot using the Audible app, and I log it on Goodreads. Also, listening to lots of podcasts lately. I like:

  • First Mondays - casusal while technnical and good hosts; Supreme Court news, opinions, guesses and cool guests
  • Law 360’s Pro Say - brief but has fun, informal hosts and current, “interesting” legal issues
  • The Lawfare Podcast - more formal; recordings of panels/events

digital security

  • Hackable? - investigative and lay casts - would be cool to get more interviewees and attack vectors (per topic)


  • Steal the Stars - well voice-acted sci-fi story
  • Fictional - This is the elementary school librarian paraphrasing classics you. Really like.

News and History

  • Intercepted - Good b/c often news is approached non-biasedly, but Scahill still gets pretty biased sometimes.
  • Hardcore History - I really liked listening to two of the previous series on here, but now the speculative format is kinda boring now.
  • Malcolm Gladwell’s Revisionist Histroy - good topics, a jerk sometimes

Video Games

My favorite video game is Rocket League. Some recent games I’ve liked are Rimworld, Brawlhalla, Stardew Valley, and Terraria. My old love is CS.

Extraneous for now

Mountain Project climbs / ticks and to-do list !

Athlink runs